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Sagiv Rosano

Sagiv Rosano

Executive Managing Director

Joe El Rady

Joe El Rady

Senior Managing Director

Lindsay Gibson

Lindsay Gibson

Senior Director of Construction & Design

Brandon Evans


Director | Sales Manager

Jamie McGee

Jamie McGee

Senior Associate


Christopher Chang

Chris Chang

Accounting Administrator

Jasmin Abrasaldo

Jasmin Abrasaldo

Senior Accounting Manager

Grace Monteon

Grace Monteon

Asset Supervisor

Jared Magsanoc

Jared Magsanoc

Project Manager

Sonny Kim

Sonny Kïm

Marketing Director

Elaine Cheung

Elaine Cheung

Marketing Associate


Our History

Roman Group successfully completed the closing of 346 Vermont Ave, an 80 unit mixed use non rent controlled apartments over retail space in East Hollywood.

ViewDecember 2021

Roman Group successfully acquired a 7 unit value add apartment building in North Hollywood for multifamily use.

ViewAugust 2021

Roman Group successfully closes on Fedora Street, a 24 unit apartment building in Koreatown.

ViewAugust 2021

Roman Group successfully closes on a $5.36mm 37 Units in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles near downtown.

ViewJuly 2021
September 2019
Roman Group completed the acquisition of a 12 unit property in Hancock Park. At $4.475mm, the property presents a very unique opportunity to add value. The non-rent control 1920s property was to be converted from 2+1s to a 4+1s. The property is operated in co-living standards under LivingQAugust 2019
September 2018

A shopping center development in Escondido, CA. Single tenant Family Dollar development.

February 2018

Roman Group acquires a 10-unit apartment building in Koreatown Los Angeles. A location driven acquisition - in between gentrifying Koreatown to USC, just off of Washington Blvd. The seller was determined to sell so Roman picked up the property at a price reduction.

December 2017
May 2017

Roman Group closes on an approximately 8000 square foot strip shopping center in South Los Angeles. Roman identified the gentrification of the local area and understood how the market is changing on the corner. At the time of purchase, only one national credit tenant was at the 4 way intersection. Two years later, all four corners have national credit tenants.

April 2016

Roman Group closes on a 17-unit apartment building on Pine St. in Altadena, CA. The property had been owned by the same landlord since 1994. Roman Group initiated an extensive renovation and value added process that increased income from ~$14K per month to ~$26K per month within only 18 months.

September 2015

Roman Group closes on a 19-unit apartment building on Fulcher Street in North Hollywood. Roman Group refinanced the property and later returned the majority of the equity invested.

March 2013
April 2011

Roman Group closes on a 30 unit apartment building in Downtown Los Angeles. Roman Group flips the property while in escrow to achieve an IRR for its investors.

October 2010

Roman Group closes on a 24 unit apartment building in Koreatown Los Angeles. The property on Fedora and 8th housed only 4 tenants. Even worse, the building was being used by a local gang as their headquarters for drug sales and other illicit activities. Roman Group evicted the gang, cleaned up the building, remodeled the property and leased it to new tenants.

May 2010

Long before the area's rise and development to what is now the epicenter of LA coolness, the Roman team identified Silver Lake as an up and coming area of high potential growth and, as such, high potential capital appreciation and risk adjusted returns. The Roman Group team bet successfully on their foresight by closing on a shopping center on Sunset Blvd.

October 2005

Roman Group participates in and closes the acquisition of a 7 unit apartment building in Silver Lake on Vendome Street. The Roman team negotiated a pure value added deal.

May 2004