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About Us

The Roman Group LLC is a private investment firm whose principals possess more than 30 years of real estate investment and management experience. We actively invest in commercial and multifamily assets in compelling situations to deliver outstanding performance and results to our investors.

  • We seek exceptional returns on investment via our relationships, value add process and market knowledge.
  • We create capital appreciation opportunities through in-depth market research and analysis, intensive post-acquisition management and asset and financial restructuring.
  • Our entrepreneurial spirit enables us to uncover off-market opportunities and move quickly to close transactions.
  • Our goal is to provide superior risk adjusted returns to our investors.


Our Services

As an investor and developer Roman Group utilizes its network and relationships to generate attractive deals, focusing on risk adjusted in a value-add strategy. We focus on providing higher-than-average returns with lower-than-average risks for our investors. We do that by looking at hundreds of deals every year and choosing the ones that are a true fit to our investment criteria.


As a construction manager of our projects, Roman Group closely tied with trades from the full spectrum of construction, and these relationships enable us to exceed expectations of what can be done, to mitigate risks and assure the timely delivery of our projects on budget.


Roman Group is an experienced Asset Manager. We provide asset management services to our clients and properties. We partner with our sister companies: LionsHead Management and LivingQ with the tasks of branding, marketing, day to day management including collections, accounting and financial reporting. We closely monitor the leasing and lease up of our properties. With our sister company Urban Force Maintenance, we provide best in class maintenance services, preventive maintenance, and assessment of our property needs and budgeting of projects, energy and water conservation, and our capital improvements.